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PerfectRAW 0.6 and some noise reduction examples

Posted in PerfectRAW, Photography, Software by John Roshka on November 10, 2008

PefectRAW 0.6 is on and you can download it from here by going to the bottom of the page.

The new implementations of PerfectRAW 0.6:

  • AFD interpolation
  • Luminance extraction for every interpolation algorithm (for AFD it is extracted inside interpolation, and for the rest after interpolation).
  • Raw noise attenuation for high ISO images, based in texture detection using AFD interpolation. This attenuation is only for high ISO images and can be used with any interpolation algorithm, because it is done before interpolation. It depends on two parameters, the first one (from 0 to 100) is the noisy pixels detection, the second one (from 0 to 100 again) is the level of attenuation for those pixels (0 none, 100 full). The idea is to reduce noise without removing texture, so you can get fine grain and less color blotches. Is very easy to reduce the noise of resulting image in Photoshop or whatever noise reduction software you use. If you use it in noise free images it will do almost nothing.
  • Small changes in the program GUI (better TAB behavior).

If you want to know and see what is AFD and how it performs at noise reduction among other software: ACR and DxO, check this link:

PerfectRAW starts to forms it’s personality and importance by preserving by most useful features of a RAW converter (WB, noise reduction, highlight recovery etc.) and working on improving new techniques of revealing.

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