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PerfectRAW – Solution to High ISO

Posted in PerfectRAW, Photography, Software by John Roshka on December 17, 2008


I’ve been following the PerfectRAW almost since the beginning and I must say they are very serious about it. A lot of time they spend working on noise reducton features that the software would provide. Combining interpolation algorythms with different techniques of denoising is what will make PerfectRAW a really good solution to problems that high ISO images encounter – noise. The AFD method of interpolaton already provides a really good possibility of solving the noise problem without affecting the texture. But combined further with other applications it may result in a noise free image and good preservness of texture.

Here’s how:

What can be achieved with perfectRAW in images with high ISO?


A short history of noise attenuation methods for PerfectRAW:

AFD Noise Attenuation performance at ISO 1600:


A lot of comparison: ACR, DxO, PerfectRAW at ISO 25600:

Photoshop and PerfectRAW:


I read the Spanish forum by translating the pages using

There’s a lot of useful information.




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