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PerfectRAW 0.65 is here

Posted in PerfectRAW, Photography, Software by John Roshka on January 4, 2009

Hello everyone!

I noticed that most of the visits to my blog are related to PerfectRAW, that’s why I decided to write more about this great open source software.

First of all, I want to announce that an update version of PerfectRAW is available.

PerfectRAW v. 0.65 has the following new features:


What is new:

  • Included Coffin’s 8.89 code.
  • Included Paul Lee’s implementation of VCD.
  • Included interpolation enhancement by EECI.
  • Included edge sensitive median filter by Paul Lee.
  • Included AFD based adaptive noise attenuation.

To do:

  • Include Paul Lee’s AFD implementation.
  • Include noise filter still in development.

Known bugs:

  • Coffin’s raw noise filter (wavelets based) and chromatica aberration correction is still missing.
  • Full screen is not working 100% perfect in all Windows themes.


It can be downloaded from here:

If you have the previous version of PerfectRAW already installed on your computer and the font file is already where it should be, then just copy the unziped folder in C:/Program Files folder and run the PerfectRAW.exe. 

Also, it would be great if those interested in PerfectRAW could become a member of

 in order to post comments, stay in touch with latest development of PerfectRAW and report bugs and different issues regarding PerfectRAW. It’s free to join and everyone is invited.

I’ll soon post a tutorial about my workflow using PerfectRAW.



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