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PerfectRAW update

Posted in PerfectRAW, Photography, Software by John Roshka on September 18, 2009

As time moves faster (at least for me) and the necessities grow bigger and waiting for PerfectRAW version 1.0 becomes unbearable (at least for me), there some updates available.

I check the Ojodigital forum everyday, even twice a day, and always find useful information.

Today I found some information about the interface of PerfectRAW:


Started by mrsoto

I started using PerfectRaw very recently, the version 0.6x, it really is excellent, as any program, with some observations and things I wanted and would be considered good for 0.7 +

Manuel Llorens: Now, although I warn you that the functionality of version 1.0 has been closed a long time and in any event take away things, but not add anything. For the 2.0 going to redo the whole engine developer and rethink the entire interface, but the interface technology is the same as the current 0.70. The digital engine of the 2.0 will be done in C + + based plugins that implement different versions (ANSI-C, OpenMP, SIMD GPU so that each machine will automatically run the fastest available version of the plugin) and rewrite the entire code Coffin using digital and optimizing float to top. Many things that have gone on the fly pidiéndose: detachable controls, multilanguage, multiplatform … have been forced to redefine and technology application. The current technological choice is frankly unmoved.


Started by mrsoto

1) The instrument panel occupies a high percentage on the entire screen, at least for a laptop, so there is plenty of space from which to draw, for example, control of green that is only for certain brands carries 20%

Manuel Llorens: The panels used version 0.70 and concealable / disengagement. Note that the interface looks nothing like 0.70 to the 0.65, which was little more than a proof of concept.


Started by mrsoto

2) It supports batch, I wish you would incur even for batch command line

Manuel Llorens: Impossible for version 1.0 … but there will be batch processed later, that’s for sure. In any case looks the answer to the following question.


Started by mrsoto

3) It supports command line. This is an option you should not miss.

Manuel Llorens: Well, this is already dcraw, right? The truth is that with the 1.0 version of dcraw will also take a command line with the same processing power that pR. Well, as we finish AMAZE implement in C we will remove that version of dcraw. That way you can be revealed in your command line and batch mode simultaneously. Although the automatic batch mode (which selects the function parameters revealed in the EXIF information and the actual content of the image) that we had initially thought will have to wait a bit.


Started by mrsoto

4) Trim. Many photos do not require major adjustments, and revealed only a good frame. Ideally, there was a crop option with the help of thirds, even calling ImageMagick. Sometimes it requires tilting the frame, but hey, at least in frame

Manuel Llorens: The idea is to reveal pR 1.0 RAW to TIFF without postprocessing. We discussed how much would be the minimum acceptable postprocessing … from my point of view I prefer to do all the postprocessing in Photoshop, but I understand that a USM, a curve editor and a saturation control, along with a rotated and trim would be nice. For the 1.0 does not believe any of this possible, but we’ll see if anything like a 1.5.

Another thing not look for version 1.0 is to a browser / cataloguer image so that now there are better alternatives. We want to reveal to the highest possible quality and maximum comfort while giving the user full control over the development process. Competing in the same ground as ACDSee, Photoshop, Neat Image, etc.. is beyond our current capabilities and does not seem necessary … I say.


Started by mrsoto

5) Set of keys. It is certainly strange, will you have to adjust. Should bear all the keyboard options for those who have laptops with sensitive pad, it is faster to locate the keyboard combinations

Manuel Llorens: Yes, that certainly it will. For now the space bar will reveal, the TAB will hide the controls (it already does, in fact 0.65 pR is the only developer I know genuine full screen), the arrows move the image and the + / – will zoom. The other controls I guess that will have some keyboard shortcut to select.


Started by mrsoto

Excellent work

Manuel Llorens: Thank you very much.

As you understand this is a discussion between “mrsoto” and Manuel Llorens, one of the developer of PerfectRAW.

It seams that PerfectRAW will be designed to obtan the best from a RAW image keeping as much detail as possible. This will be done by implementing the new algorithm named AMAZED, on which they are working right now. The interface will be very intuitive as to give the photographer everything he needs and nothing more.

Hmmm, it seams promising. All we have to do it wait wait and wait…..oh, and of course using PerfectRAW v. 0.65 and PerfectRAW v. 0.70

All the best.

A new tutorial on PerfectRAW is being prepared. Stay tuned.


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