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With Bare Hands

Posted in Chisinau, Documentary by John Roshka on July 30, 2012

During my personal experiences and as a photographer I encountered different people. The most simple, kind, honest and respectful are people who have less. Around them I feel that I don’t have to play a role or to make them like me…I am just being human, open and respectful.

I seldom finish what I start…this is why this blog is so poor in images. This is how I am. I like more shooting, than posting, tweeting, marketing myslef and all these stuff…As my good friend and mentor, John McConnico said : “Marketing I am afraid is at least 80%, that is true of all things, not just photography”…and he is right. I have no idea how other photographers are doing it…when do they have all the time…

Well, I wanna start a project on people who work…who work with their hands. It is an ongoing project and I’ll try my best to post as often as possible. I will call is With Bare Hands…It’s simple, I’ll not write a long philosophical text making it more interesting or comlicated or whatever…just a theme to show something I like and which is not showed yet…at least in my country. 



Garage view, Chisinau, 2012

This guy was fixing front car windows. He fixes cracks.




Working on the car, Chisinau, 2012

It was like 4 degrees inside and he was working without even feeling it. He barely move for 1 hours doing what he has to do.


Garage view 2, Chisinau, 2012

The place was filled with old posters starting with Lenin and ending with an image of a Romanian poet. It was a trip back in time.


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