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Film Street Photo #…

Posted in Chisinau, Moldova by John Roshka on August 8, 2012

I realized that it is very hard to maintain a blog. It is very hard to write what you feel so that people would really enjoy reading it. I read blogs on photography and there are certain and very few people who can write and describe photography so that I could really enjoy reading it. But these people have decades of experience in photography and they also can write very well.

Everytime I decide to write a post, I get very confused. I don’t know how to organize it, what to write, what to post (cause I have a lot of images) so that it would work for the audience.

Now, I am in a period of struggling. I am deciding what medium to stick to – digital, film 35mm or medium format. I want to explore all the possibilities, all the pro and cons and then decide.

This is image is a part of Film Street Photography project.

You can take a look at 3 more projects I have done on film:

Wide Streets

Black and White

Reflections in Black and White



Untitled, Chisinau, Moldova   Canon EOS 1n, Kodak Color Plus 200


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