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Film Street Photo # Kvass

Posted in Documentary, Moldova by John Roshka on September 14, 2012

FlakPhoto is one of the best photography resources out there. After looking at it’s content and maybe realizing that photography is not for you (kidding) you will want to buy an analog medium camera…and then maybe a scanner…and a good monitor…hmmm, what about the film.

It’s the type of photography that let’s you think and relax, it’s the documentary type of images that let you decide what you want the message to be. It’s not the Henry Cartier-Bresson or Garry Winnogrand images that gives you a fraction of a second in which all the elements work perfectly with each other. Or, am I wrong…

I personally would devide Documentary Photography like this:

in-Public – Street Photography

FlakPhoto – Kind of Compositional Documentary. Have no idea, but it’s different.

Magnum Photos – Classic Reportage and Photojournalism.

I wonder what my preferences and views would be after a couple of years.


Untitled, Chisinau, Moldova   Canon EOS 1n, Kodak Color Plus 200

This image is part of Film Street Photography project.

You can take a look at 3 more projects I have done on film:

Wide Streets

Black and White

Reflections in Black and White



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