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Film Street Photo # Man with flowers

Posted in Moldova by John Roshka on September 21, 2012

Shephers by Jost Franko

After seeing this story, one (photographer) would definetly think about his photography…I did.

What is it that makes a photograph work? Or, what is MY photography and do I understand it? or…am I a photographer at all?

Jost Franko knows it. He enjoys it, he loves it…this is what I noticed from his story. He did’nt even bother about exposure sometimes (I guess). His hands were capturing his heart beats. He was living his story…right there…in the mountains.

At the end nothing matters. Big photographers are big as a result of infinite of circumstances. Their photos remain in museums and art galleries, but they are just a materialistic interpretation of the world we know and feel. We all know that there is beauty and there’s blood. When we look at images we realise that either there is more beauty or either there’s more blood.

But what is continous is their love for the medium. They loved photography…and this is why they made great work…



Untitled, Chisinau, Moldova   Canon EOS 1n, Kodak Color Plus 200

This image is part of Film Street Photography project.

You can take a look at 3 more projects I have done on film:

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