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A Moment in Tunisia / Project Update and some words on style

Posted in Photography by John Roshka on March 1, 2013

For me photography is becoming more and more subjective…and I think because its rules are drawn by us, humans…we make the rules for it, for everything actually.

A photograph must please the eye or put questions and one can’t do that in an infinite number of ways…or styles. Every major photographer has his/her style. But I think it is not the style that they have, but the ability or the choice of making the photographs the way they do. I tend to say that almost all photojournalists, reportage photographers shoot their own way but within the same style.

What makes your own “style” is the selection of subject, the way you compose the image, the message and the most important is the dedication to the medium and the loyalty to you as an explorer of the world.


Untitled #8, Nabeul, Tunisia, 2012 / from Views without People


Untitled #8, Nabeul, Tunisia, 2012 / from Views with People


Untitled #8, Nabeul, Tunisia, 2012 / from Moments


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