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A moment in Tunisia / Project update and what I read

Posted in Documentary by John Roshka on April 9, 2013

It is very hard to write on a blog about photography, especially when everything you feel you want to write is already written on other blogs. I mean, that my ideas and my feelings about a particular issue can be very well described on Blake Andrews blog, Joerg Colberg’s blog on LPV Magazine digests and I don’t get it to write it better, no way…they are the best. What should I write about then…have no idea.

First, I was thinking to share on my blog the links to the posts I really like or to paragraphs that I find as inspirational. But, anyone can just go to their blogs and read the posts and decide for themselves what is good or bad for them as photographers.

Then, there is these trend of writing a whole Bible about “how I made this photo, from the beginning till the end” without even noticing that the audience might have another opinion about the power of the image itself.

So, what is left is images. I think there are people/photographers/authors/philosophers that CAN do the talk and the photography, and there are those who can’t really do it. I think I’m one of them. I have it all in my have but I don’t have the ability to let it on paper as these 3 people do that I really respect. They inspire photographers, at least me, by writing thoughts, ideas, searching for the future and finding a reason in what we photographers do.

These are the main blogs I read everyday and can’t wait for a new post to appear:

Blake Andrews Blog


Joerg Colberg Blog – Conscientious 

The other blogs and sources I like:

Eric Kim Photography Blog

A Photo Editor

Wayne Ford’s blog

TIME Lightbox

So, if there are people designed to write and inspire us photographers…and themselves also…what is left for us is to produce images…and share them.

Palm trees and house with green carpet, Nabeul, Tunisia, 2012 / from Views without People

Mosque and intersection, Nabeul, Tunisia, 2012 / from Views with People

During the Tunisiana Beach Challenge, Nabeul, Tunisia, 2012 / from Moments

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