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Chisinau Central Market

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Chisinau Central Market is the most vivid place in Chisinau. Each day there thousands of people attending it.

In the beginnig of the XX century, the famous “eating place” was formerly situated from the side of Armyanskaya Street, from where the market starts today. You can always find fresh vegetables and all kind of fruits during summer here. Peasants are coming with their own products from villages with hope of selling it at the central market.

Eating Place:

All the photos were done with the camera from the hip. It is a new technique for me, but I started to love it. It gives a moment of reality and honesty. People become interesting and real, the way the are.

So, here are some tips I found useful during this session:

1. Front focus. A lot of photographers are using back focus (using AE-lock button for focusing). I would do that for hip shooting, it’s not confortable.

2. Using a wide lens. I was using Tamron 17-55mm, 2.8. It worked.

3.Use of perspective. One should his/her camera very well. To know the field of view, how much and what the camera is able to cover. This is important because all the situations appear suddenly and chose the point of view is essential.

4. Be lucky…or prepared. 🙂

Images are also available as slideshow HERE

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Grigore Vieru – “One of the major…”

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Grigore Vieru – “One of the major writers in contemporary Romanian literature”

It’s too bad that all I could do in relation to this great man was reading few of his books while I was a kid and taking some photos at his funeral.

“His poetry is characterized by vivid natural scenery, patriotism, as well as a venerated image of the sacred mother”

When the news about his death was announced, the country fell into a deep sorrow and compasion. Everyone know him, big and small, young and old. Hid poems were full of love, all kind of love, and for everyone…love for mother, country, home, traditions, roots, place you were born…

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Belgium vs. Moldova RUGBY

Posted in Moldova, Photojournalism, Sports by John Roshka on November 22, 2008

November 16, 2:00 p.m. Game Belgium vs. Moldova RUGBY

On that day two rugby teams met to have a great time and not only. For Belgium it was a day of giving or not the winner title from the last year and for Moldova it was a day of oportunity.

Belgium team included mostly young players, when the Moldovan team was mainly old, guys with experience and a bit older than Belgium players.

Belgium RUGBY team won the game with Moldova last year.

Now, some photos:


Getting to know each other.

Getting to know each other.


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