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Sale Exhibition

Posted in Chisinau, Moldova, Photography, Prints by John Roshka on October 13, 2009

Tomorrow, on the 14th of October a sale exhibition will take place in the center of Chisinau, capital of Moldova. The occasion is the Day of Chisinau.

The exhibition will be held in front of Opera and Ballet Theatre and all the money from sale will go to an orphanage. Works of many photographers will be displayed, including 3 of my works.

The works to be displayed and available for purchasing with a signature on them:



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What’s Immensity?

Posted in Chisinau, Documentary, Photography by John Roshka on December 12, 2008

I found the answer to this question by looking at this image for couple of minutes. I liked the immensity of what people believe and the immensity of the power with which they are holding their believes. I took this several years ago on Kodak ProFoto 100 with a Pentax SFXn camera.

I just like it.


Orheiul Vechi Archeological Complex

Posted in Moldova, Panoramas, Photography by John Roshka on December 7, 2008

Not many of you heard about our, Moldovan canyon. Yes, we have some of them, mainly small, but this one is really big. The river Raut has caved the limestone for centuries making this majestic beauty of nature. Many tribes representing many civilizations found home on this territory leaving it with ancient foundings, turkish baths and other moments full of history. This link will help to get into the atmosphere of the place.

Thank you.


Orheiul Vechi

Orheiul Vechi


Processed with PerfectRAW and Hugin and PS.