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The end of PerfectRaw project ?

Posted in Moldova, PerfectRAW, Photography by John Roshka on March 28, 2010

Hello everyone.

Haven’t posted anything related to PerfectRaw for a long time. Well, apparently the team working on it is leaving it behind, moving forward by launching new websites, Manuel Llorens site, and working on other projects.

I’m moved by this decision guys made, but on the other hand I can understand their situation. Without financial support and having families is pretty hard to work on a project just “for fun”. But, we are all very thankful to them…well, at least I am. I’m still using PR 0.65 and I love it.

And there’s also a hope. Manuel made the PerfectRaw 0.65 code public, so that anyone interested in the continuation of the project can participate.

I’ll keep following the PR project and if there are some major changes in it’s way to nr. 1 RAW developer… 🙂 I’ll post it here. Until then I think I’ll fill this blog with my photography and share it with you.

Actually I don’t know why haven’t done this so far.. 🙂

You can start by checking out my photojournalist skills by visiting my profile at Demotix.

Have a great light…


PerfectRAW update

Posted in PerfectRAW, Photography, Software by John Roshka on September 18, 2009

As time moves faster (at least for me) and the necessities grow bigger and waiting for PerfectRAW version 1.0 becomes unbearable (at least for me), there some updates available.

I check the Ojodigital forum everyday, even twice a day, and always find useful information.

Today I found some information about the interface of PerfectRAW:

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perfectRAW 0.70 Alpha – First perfectRAW Interface

Posted in PerfectRAW by John Roshka on August 12, 2009

It’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been busy with finding a job (still looking) and had a small trip to Serbia.

What I do every day is checking how perfectRAW is developing. There are no major improvements so far, at least for me as a advanced user of PerfectRAW. For people who are getting used to it I would tell that the team is working on a great new interpolation algorithm named Amazed and Egon, who’s working on the interface has done some great job bringing PerfectRAW on a new level.

perfectRAW 0.70 Alpha is ready to be downloaded in tested.


Current Status of the Project

Posted in Moldova, PerfectRAW, Photography, Software, Tutorials by John Roshka on January 19, 2009

Here is the post with the highest rating of reading and other posts related to PerfectRAW:

PerfectRAW – My Favourite RAW Converter:

PerfectRAW and some noise reduction examples:

PerfectRAW – Solution to high ISO:

PerfectRAW 0.65 is here:

PerfectRAW 0.65 Workflow:

Here’s a small update to the upgoing PerfectRAW project.

I copied it from PerfectRAW Forum

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PerfectRAW 0.65 Workflow

Posted in PerfectRAW, Photography, Software, Tutorials by John Roshka on January 5, 2009

Very soon a new version of PerfectRAW will be available with a more easy to use interface. But, until then I’m about to show you my workflow with PefectRAW 0.65.

I chose an image with contrast problems and a lot of branches. In the field I chose a high aperture number (small aperture ring) to eliminate chromatic aberrations.

This is the original RAW file.

Feel free to download it and try it yourself with your RAW converter and compare the results. I tried it with RawTherapee and ACR and it didn’t work for me. I’m not going to post the examples because I’m not a professional at these softwares, but if someone gets a better results using ACR or other software please feel free to send me some links with your comparison.

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