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Posted in Chisinau, Street by John Roshka on November 17, 2011

I try to make images during my way to work, as in Yellow post, or after work…that is to say after 2:00 p.m.

I don’t know why but it takes a lot of will to go photographing after 2:00 p.m unless I have to go somewhere: to photograph someone for PentruEa magazine , meet someone or other stuff.

These were taken during my way to work.

1. Scene from trolleybus. PANCOM intersection.

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July 21

Posted in Chisinau, Documentary, Moldova, Photography, Street by John Roshka on July 21, 2011

I’m being lazy or busy. Busy because I study Swedish and lazy because it’s been too hot these days…I guess. Anyway, here are some photos from today. I don’t have a lot of time for stories or long term projects, so I’m mainly shooting street. I love it. Don’t know why. It’s great to put pieces of a moment together, I believe.

Check out my friends blog. He is a French photographer doing his stories in Moldova.

1. Academy of Economical Studies yard.


2. Lady with red rose bag.


3. Man cutting the grass in front of a supermarket.

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Street Moment

Posted in Chisinau, Documentary, Moldova, Photography by John Roshka on June 27, 2011

Street Moment

I haven’t updated my blog for a long time. That’s bad.

I’ll do my best to show one image everyday. That will keep my working and will stimulate working with photography.


One of my images had been published in a German Economic Magazine

Chisinau Central Market

Posted in Chisinau, Documentary, Moldova, Photography, Photojournalism, Places by John Roshka on June 24, 2009

Chisinau Central Market is the most vivid place in Chisinau. Each day there thousands of people attending it.

In the beginnig of the XX century, the famous “eating place” was formerly situated from the side of Armyanskaya Street, from where the market starts today. You can always find fresh vegetables and all kind of fruits during summer here. Peasants are coming with their own products from villages with hope of selling it at the central market.

Eating Place:

All the photos were done with the camera from the hip. It is a new technique for me, but I started to love it. It gives a moment of reality and honesty. People become interesting and real, the way the are.

So, here are some tips I found useful during this session:

1. Front focus. A lot of photographers are using back focus (using AE-lock button for focusing). I would do that for hip shooting, it’s not confortable.

2. Using a wide lens. I was using Tamron 17-55mm, 2.8. It worked.

3.Use of perspective. One should his/her camera very well. To know the field of view, how much and what the camera is able to cover. This is important because all the situations appear suddenly and chose the point of view is essential.

4. Be lucky…or prepared. 🙂

Images are also available as slideshow HERE

Images are available for sale from RedBubble. I’m in the process of adding them. If someone’s interested in buying the digital file, please contact me.



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